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Party Bus Wedding

Party Bus Wedding

                Los Angeles Party Bus Limo Rental understands that today is the happiest day of your life.  Your wedding has played out exactly the way it did when you first recited it in the back yard on your 10th birthday.   Everything is perfect; the dress, the hair, the beautiful ceremony, and limo bus.  Everything was planned and executed to the tee, from picking the right dance hall to the seating placement of your spouse’s distant cousin that no one really trusts. You walk up the aisle with your beloved between rows upon rows of family and friends in awe of your beautiful new union of love. A shower of rose pedals rains down on you as you rush passed the crowd and out the front door to your awaiting chariot limo bus
                As you step through the building’s front doors the glaring sun pours through the cloudless sky on this most gorgeous of days. The flare of light makes you squint hard and as your eyes adjust there it sits curb side, waiting to take you where ever your heart desires. A beautifully crafted limousine bus, fitted to your exact specifications to complete the perfect day with a luxury trip to your reception. The driver awaits your arrival at the door, to escort you onto the bus, with a smile. So much has gone exactly right already, so you’re still waiting for that one screw up to bring the day tumbling down. You glide up the steps into the bus and your heart skips a beat. The inside is far more classy and sophisticated than you ever imagined.
                People tend to paint a tainted image of a “party bus”; it’s labeled as a strip club on wheels. This is not the case with Los Angeles Party Bus Limo Rental. Our buses are gorgeously decorated to allow the class and relaxation you need on this happiest, and sometimes most stressful day of days.  You are granted all the privacy and comfort that a newlywed couple deserves with tinted windows and adjustable light dimmers. Our limousine buses are ideal for your wedding occasion, so much so that you may even reconsider having the reception on board. A top quality stereo system allows for you and your loved ones to get down to your favorite tunes while smoothly rolling around in luxury. Our limo buses, upon request, can be equipped with dancer poles, just in case you do decide to cut lose, and why shouldn’t you?
                Call Los Angeles Party Bus Limo Rental for all your transportation needs. You are guaranteed the class and appreciation you deserve at an affordable price. Why risk getting in a cramped old limo from some shady company, with unprofessional drivers that are merely looking to make an extra buck off of you? At Los Angeles Party Bus Limo Rental, your satisfaction is the sole reason we are in business. Call today at 877-427-4567 and put the cherry on top of what already promises to be the happiest day of your life.


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