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How to Rent a Party Bus

How to Rent a Party Bus: Lessons Learned from Less Fortunate Customers


Party Bus LA limo rental service provides service with higher standards than any other Los Angeles party bus rental company, and in the entire party bus industry. Do not settle for an inexpensive fly-by-night Internet party bus company! Hire a local Los Angeles party bus company with the real Party Bus business name and legally registered through the Public Utilities Commission.

Why are some companies priced cheaper than other companies? The way we look at it, each party bus company in town knows what they are worth and they charge accordingly!

Why can't I just book the Cheapest Party Bus I can find?

Searching for an LA party bus service on the Web can be a tricky proposition. The Internet is littered with a maze of smoke-and-mirrors companies that over promise and under deliver. Many Internet party bus Web sites claim they have the newest party buses, hoping that you like the illusion and pull out your charge card. Donít rent a party bus without looking at it first! Think about all the other planning youíve done for your event. Would you purchase a wedding cake or rent a tuxedo without looking at it first?

Dealing with online party bus brokers is like gambling. Here's how it works: Letís say youíre looking for an Orange County party bus company to take your group to a concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Most online party bus companies are actually reservation clearinghouses or party bus brokers, and they do not own their own vehicles. They merely take your reservation and farm it out to a locally based company. Once this is done, you essentially lose control over your party bus. The only thing these companies own is the right to sell you a discounted price! They will sell you on their price, take your personal information, and disappear. And because the people you ordered from have nothing to do with the party buses, you may end up with your own horror story. Every week we hear very similar stories from our customers:

  • * The party bus company called and cancelled an hour before our prom! (They found somebody who was willing to pay $25 more at the last minute.)

  • * The party bus was really old and smelled like it! (The 1989 Party Bus they rented obviously cost less than a 2009 Party Bus, hence they paid a cheaper hourly price).

  • * The driver didn't look or act professionally! (Professional drivers usually don't work for the cheapest party bus company in town.)

  • * The A/C didnít work! (About 3 years ago, certified party bus builders started adding second A/C compressors to handle those hot Southern California days. A/C problems on party buses built before 2007 were very common.)

Party Bus LA limo rental service provides only the best professional services. We are very proud to be at your service. We are not ashamed to say that we are not the cheapest Los Angeles party bus rental company out there, but our prices are affordable. If you are looking for quality service and peace of mind, we promise to work hard for the money you are paying us. Please remember that in our business, you get what you pay for.

A word of advice

If you hire a party bus service, donít forget to take their company name and their telephone number, and a reservation or confirmation number when your reservation is completed, because you may not find them when you need them. If they don't give you a real phone number to call in case of anything, do not book! Many of them are not listed in the PUC directory or have an address listed and you will be at risk of being left without a ride and your money long gone! By the way, our number is 877-427-4567, and we want you to call us!

Why you shouldn't book the cheapest Party Bus
Renter Beware!
What to look for in a Party Bus Company
Don't get fooled by smoke and mirrors.
How do I secure my Party Bus?
Time to experience the difference!
You get what you paid for
A Party Bus rental is a luxury experience for most people and, as with most things in life, the old saying holds true for luxury goods: You get what you pay for. Selecting a nice restaurant for your anniversary dinner or a luxury hotel for those special occasions based on price alone usually results in serious disappointment and a ruined event. If your priority is to find the ďbest deal and the cheapest party bus in town,Ē you best bet is not to hire a party bus at all and find alternative transportation to your event.




Remember, it has to show up

Party buses come in many different sizes and styles, from 20 passengers to 50 and more passengers. If you want a specific party bus and the latest design, make sure the party bus operator can provide it. Also, watch out those transit buses converted in the back yard of the operator into party buses. Many older party buses are likely to have a higher mileage, which will show wear both in interior and exterior. At Party Bus LA, we only use new party buses. Also, many older party buses donít have the amenities that modern coach builders provide (i.e. flat screen TVs, MP3 players, dual A/C units and more.)

Ready to roll like a rock star?

A valid credit card is required for all our party bus reservations. Just like the airlines and hotels do, we collect credit card information ahead of time to eliminate customer no shows and make sure we are not holding a vehicle for somebody who doesn't actually intend to rent a party bus. A credit card is only used to hold a reservation; payment is always collected at the time of the trip.