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Why can't I just book the cheapest Party Bus I can find?


Why can't I just book the Cheapest Party Bus I can find?


A Party Bus rental is a luxury experience for most people and as with most things in life the old saying holds true for luxury goods - you get what you pay for. Selecting a nice restaurant for the anniversary dinner or a luxury hotel for that special occasions based on price alone usually results in serious disappointment and the ruined event. If your priority is to find the "best deal and the cheapest Party Bus in town", you best bet is not to hire a Party Bus at all and find alternative transportation to your event. Every week we hear very similar stories from our customers:

  • The Party Bus company called and cancelled an hour before our prom - (they found somebody who was willing to pay $25 more at the last minute).
  • The party bus was really old and smelled like it - (1989 Party Bus obviously cost less than 2009 Party Bus, hence cheaper hourly price).
  • The driver didn't look or act professional - (professional drivers usually don't work for the cheapest Party Bus company in town).
  • A/C didn't work.- (About 3 years ago certified Party Bus builders started adding second A/C compressors to handle those hot Southern California
    days. A/C problems with the Party Buss were very common).

Why are some companies priced cheaper than other?  The way we look at it - each Party Bus company in town knows what they are worth and they charge accordingly!


What to look for in a Party Bus Company?


The Party Bus:

What type of Party Bus do you require? Party Buses come in many different sizes and styles from 20 passengers to 50 passengers. If you want a specific Party Bus and the latest design make sure the Party Bus operator can provide it. Also, watch out those transit buses converted in the back yard of the operator into Party Buses. Many older Party Buses are likely to have a higher mileage which will show wear both in interior and exterior, unlike new Los Angeles Party Bus Limo Rental party buses. Also, many older Party Buses don't have the amenities that modern coach builders provide (i.e. flat screen TVs, MP3 players, dual A/C units and more).


The Insurance:

Insurance is an expensive overhead for any Party Bus business and therefore some companies may cut corners when insuring their vehicles and occupants. All Party Bus hire companies are required by the PUC to have Five Million insurance in order to operate. We are insured by an A-rated insurance company with the required 5 million dollars in liability. Be sure to ALWAYS ask for their TCP #.   It is advisable to enquire about a company's insurance policy before you book a Party Bus and, if you are in doubt, the company should provide you with a print out of their insurance details on request.


The Permits:

Please make sure your Party Bus company has valid PUC permits. All of our vehicles are inspected and permitted to operate in California are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission.  Don't risk being pulled over by the California Highway Patrol and having the Party Bus impounded in the middle of your bachelor party.

The Drivers:

The driver of your Party Bus is not necessarily something you would immediately consider when hiring a Party Bus. Drivers are however an important factor to consider: a professional driver, dressed in suit attire, SPAB certified, have a commercial driving license for then two years with passengers’ endorsement.  They also go through pre-employment and random drug tests, medical certifications.  Make sure that your Party Bus Company employs experienced drivers who are very familiar with the areas to and from which they transport their customers. Responsible Party Bus company and professional drivers will always require their customers to provide addresses for all of the destinations clients are planning to go to in order to make sure that driver is ready for the trip.


The Contract:

Always make sure to ask for a Party Bus contract. Your contract should state all of the charges and will also serve as guarantee that the exact vehicle you've ordered will show up for your event. Some Party Bus operators overbook their vehicles (just like the airlines do) and end up canceling customers with the lowest quoted rate at the last minute or farming the job out to other companies. A signed contract will protect you from this to happen.


Why do you need my credit card information if I will pay with cash?


Valid Credit Card is required for all the Party Bus reservations. Just like the airlines and hotels do, we collect credit card information ahead of time to eliminate customer no shows and make sure we are not holding a vehicle for somebody who doesn't actually intend to rent a Party Bus. A credit card is only used to hold a reservation; payment is always collected at the time of the trip.


Why do I have to pay for the Party Bus while we are not in it?


Even though, you may not be in the car physically at all times (such as while attending Laker games, dinners or concerts), you will still have to pay for it. Also, since the Party Bus is not being used anywhere else during this time, we enforce a minimum rental limit of 4 hours. When Los Angeles Party Bus Limo Rental rents a Party Bus for 4 hours for example, the 4 hours belong to you and nobody else. The car will not leave the immediate area and the driver will be on standby to pick you up as soon as you need your car. Some Party Bus operators will drop-off passengers and leave to do another job, but you are risking your car being late to pick you up or not coming back at all (stuck in traffic on a Los Angeles Freeway, broken or busy with people who are paying $10 more per hour). At all major sporting events in Los Angeles, Party Buses are not even allowed to come back to pick up their passengers until an hour after the game is over if the car left the stadium parking after the drop-off.


Can I just rent the Party Bus for an hour?


According to the latest research 95% of the Party Bus industry doesn't offer 1 hour rentals. To maintain a high quality of service, we spent 2 to 3 hours on average preparing the car both before and after the rental. Preparations include a thorough detail job both on the inside and the outside of the Party Bus, wet bar refills with ice and water, mechanical check up, destination planning and much more. It is simply not efficient for us to rent a Party Bus for short periods of time.


Can we drink alcohol on the Party Bus?


As a Party Bus company we are not allowed to provide alcohol to our customer under any circumstances, however California open container law doesn't apply to the Party Bus industry and we do allow passengers to bring their own beverages provided:


  • There is no underage drinking in the vehicle.
  • All of the damage to the vehicle (i.e. spills, sickness, broken pieces of interior, etc.) will be charged for in full according to our policies.


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