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Bachelor Party Bus

Bachelor Party Bus Limo Rental

Where is the Party Bus? Well it's not in the garage. Hopefully it's on the way to make your Bachelor Party legendary! We know that this is the big day before the wedding.  You have been waiting for this crazy fun night since the moment you decided to propose.  Of course you tell your beautiful bride to be that it’s the wedding day, but your best man knows the truth.  So you want to do you bachelor party in style right?  Make it epic with exotic dancers on the party bus as you roll through Hollywood.  Your best man has to be the greatest in history for talking you for a ride with exotic dancers on the pole, music blasting in the background, drinks flowing on your private Party Bus.  Everyone is complimenting and thanking you for being able to share this amazing night with you. It’s one of those nights where everyone doesn’t want it to end, and with Party Bus Los Angeles it never has to.


What are you waiting for; call us today at 877-427-4567 to have your legendary bachelor party in your own 30 passenger party bus. 


Wedding Party Bus Limo Rental

There is a new trend that’s forming with the transportation industry.  Limo Buses are taking off like wild fire.  Be a trendsetter and get a luxurious limousine bus for your special day with all the amenities of a limo and without the discomfort of one.  With the start of the new decade a few new trends are really beginning to catch on.  A lot of people are starting to discover the benefits of being in a party bus over a limo and are making the conversion.  Party buses come equipped with all the elegance and class of a Limo, but with a lot of added space and comfort.  When you decide on a marriage chapel you don’t pick a place where you sit and get married, you want something spacious and grand.  When you look for a wedding hall, you don’t look for a place where everyone has to sit down and wait their turn to dance and crawl to and from there seats, you want plenty of leg room for people to get up, move around and enjoy themselves. 


So when it comes to your marriage transportation why settle for a limo where you have to crawl in and out of it?  Why not sit in a luxurious limousine bus with all the amenities of a limo and without the discomfort?  Be the one on your special day with the great chapel, reception hall, and transportation.  Think style and comfort over just style. 


Call Los Angeles Party Bus Limo Rental today to experience your very own luxurious wedding limousine bus.  We are so certain that once you go with a bus you will never go back. 

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