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Anniversary Party Bus

Happy Anniversary Party Bus Limo Rental

Marriage is a wonderful communion when it lasts.  Congratulations you have reach a milestone date and now want to show the doubters that you made it. Do it style with your very own luxurious Party Bus Limo Rental. Get a group of friends from the hotel to the dance hall in a sheik 22 passenger party bus with the amenities of a limo without the shortcomings of a limo.  Make this a memorable anniversary with a party that never stops from the moment you leave your residence or hotel to the moment you return.


As you walk not “crawl” into your Party Bus Limo the star lights will set the mood.  Your foot will feel right at home when you step on the wood floor.  On the 42” plasma you can replay your wedding video highlights.  See that uncle trip on the dance floor, or the drunken cousin that stole the mic during the toast.  Watch as your friends and family laugh with you and give you the nod of approval for outdoing yourself again.  See with Los Angeles Party Bus Limo Rental all you have to do is sit back and relax and leave the stress at home.

Call us today at 877-427-4567 to book you special wedding anniversary party bus before someone else has all the fun!


Wedding Party Bus Limo Rental

Los Angeles Party Bus Limo Rental has buses that can accommodate any size weddings.  From 18-52 passengers, it is truly the way to ensure that you arrive in comfort and style.   Call one of our friendly agents today and see why people are switching over from limos to elegant Limo Buses. 
We understand that this is your special day and you have exquisite taste.   We want you to enjoy the comforts of a sophisticated ride to and from your event. Call today and ensure that every bit of your big day goes exactly as planned, down to the very last detail.

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